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Biodiversity, Hunting and Countryside Intergroup






The Sustainable Hunting, Biodiversity, Countryside activities and Forestry Intergroup was created in 1985 and is one of the oldest and most active parlia

mentary platform. It gathers MEPs from different political groups and various stakeholders promoting wildlife conservation, sustainable hunting and fishing, as well as the sustainable management of the countryside and cultural heritage. ELO supports the work of the as co-secretariat with FACE.

The objectives of the Intergroup are to promote the role of hunting and other forms of sustainable use of wild species for biodiversity, wildlife management, rural development and forestry issues. Additionally, the Intergroup regularly focuses on cross cutting issues that affect socio-economic activities in rural areas and seek to build bridges between the civil society and decision makers.

Past debates and discussions have, for example, addressed issues such as forestry management, wildlife population, the future of EU water courses, the 2020 EU Biodiversity Strategy and other thematic related to Natura 2000.

For the term 2014-2019, the Intergroup has been validated by European Parliament Conference of the Presidents and named the “Biodiversity, Hunting and Countryside Intergroup”.


Read more about the Intergroup and its work:

Intergroup leaflet EN

Intergroup leaflet FR

Intergroup leaflet DE


  Recent meeting(s):

Poster intergroup vFinal 10.04.2017

The Value of Private Land Conservation



Agenda & Biographies:

Agenda and Biography of Speakers Private Land Conservation >>



Els MARTENS, Team Strategy, EU & International Processes, Flemish Government, ANB >>

Andras KROLOPP, Senior Policy Advisor, The Nature Concervancy >>

Ing. Jakob R. K. LEIDEKKER, Head of Corporate Management, Hoge Veluwe National Park >>

Jan Winters, Senior Project Manager, Vleemo >>



Pictures Intergroup Private Land Conservation >>



Previous meetings:

February 7, 2017:  Exchange of views on the access and use of farmland

Opened by MEP Karl-Heinz FLORENZ, President of the Intergroup Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside


Keynote by MEP Vladimir URUTCHEV Shadow Rapporteur on Report 'State of play of farmland concentration in the EU: how to facilitate the access to land for farmers'

Agenda and bios of the speakers >>

Presentation MEP Vladimir URUTCHEV >>

Presentation Liesbet VRANKEN >>

Presentation Thomas WIEDMANN >>

Presentation Jan NOVOPACKY >>

Pictures of the event >>


January 10, 2017:  Out of the box thinking

Chaired by, MEP Karl-Heinz FLORENZ, President of the Intergroup Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside

Presentation by Janez POTOฤŒNIK, Chair of the RISE Foundation and the FFA

Agenda and bios of the speakers >>

Press release >>

Pictures of the event >>

More information on CAP study by RISE >>

Report of the meeting >>


June 27, 2016:  Circular Economy for a new Agriculture

Chaired by, MEP Karl-Heinz FLORENZ, President of the Intergroup Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside

Presentation by Janez POTOฤŒNIK, Chair of the RISE Foundation and the FFA


- Janez POTOฤŒNIK, Chair of the RISE Foundation and the FFA

- Aldo LONGO, Director, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, EC

- Mairead McGUINNESS, Member of the European Parliament

- Nathaniel PAGE, Founder, Director, ADEPT Foundation Romania

- Rudolf TORNERHJELM, Landmanager, Wrams Gunnarstorps Estate, Sweden

Agenda and Speakers´ Biographies

Presentation POTOฤŒNIK

Presentation LONGO

Presentation PAGE

Presentation TORNERHJELM

April 5, 2016: A Sustainable European Agriculture:Is Greening the Way Forward?

                       Chaired by MEP Karl-Heinz FLORENZ, President of the Intergroup Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside

                       Presentation by Joost KORTE, Deputy Director-General, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission


                       - Christopher PRICE, Director of Policy and Advice, Country Land and Business Association (CLA)

                       - Faustine BAS-DEFOSSEZ, Senior Policy Officer, Agriculture and Bioenergy European Environment Bureau (EEB)

                       - Andrieu POPESCU, LAPAR (Romanian Farmer Association)






January 27, 2016: The Mid-Term Review: The Role of Hunters and Rural Stakeholders in Financing Biodiversity Conservation


October 20, 2015: Fitness Check of EU Nature Legislation For a Better Implementation?

Chaired by
President of the Intergroup Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside


- Nicola NOTARO, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG ENV, Nature

- Seger van VOORST TOT VOORST, Director, Stichting Het Nationale Park De Hoge Veluwe

- Philippe PLISSON, Member of the French National Assembly (PS), rapporteur on the greylag goose rapport in France

- Wouter LANGHOUT, EU Nature Policy Officer, BirdLife








 September 12, 2015: The return of the Wolf to the European Landscape: challenges and solutions


Agenda and Biographies.pdf

Press release.pdf


May 12, 2015: Combating Wildlife Crime

April 14, 2015: Our Natural Capital Strengthening the link between business and biodiversity

Agenda and Speakers Biographies - Intergroup April 2015.pdf

Minutes of the Intergroup.pdf



November 12, 2014: Call for support



March 18, 2014: Land management in the EU: Green, private and profitable?


Press release.pdf








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