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The Belleuropa Award honours a Wildlife Estate Label territory that has realized an important step forward to maintain, protect or improve land for the benefit of biodiversity, using agri-environmental measures and achieving significant results from an environmental point of view.

The Belleuropa project aims to improve the environmental quality of the European territory.

Belleuropa was born in Italy in the late 1990’s thanks to the initiative of Giuseppe NATTA, a leading environmental figure. It was spearheaded by Gruppo Ecodeco, a leading Italian firm in the environmental sector. The European Landowners Organisation (ELO), EU secretariat for the “Wildlife Estates (WE)”, together with its supporting organisations, are dedicated to the development of initiatives by private land managers, companies or institutions for the protection, conservation of wildlife and sustainable land use.


The selection is made according to the following 5 critera:

1. Environmental impact in line with the EU Policy

2. Economic impact by creation of activity and emplpyment in rural areas

3. Sustainability of actions in land management and wildlife conservation

4. Innovation and creativity

5. Reproducibility of initiatives


For more information, please contact:

Wildlife Estates Secretariat
Florian Hofbauer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+32 (0) 2 235 20 06


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  DSC 8243 web

Belleuropa Award Ceremony 2016                                     Belleuropa Award Ceremony 2015
Land- und Forstbetrieb Rixdorf, Germany                      La Bois Landry Estate, France


DSC 8555  Belleuropa2013

Belleuropa Ceremony 2014                                                   Belleuropa Award Ceremony 2013
Domain de Graux, Belgium                                                  Babinek Estate, Poland


belleuropa2012  Belleuropa2011

Belleuropa Award Ceremony 2012                                     Belleuropa Award Ceremony 2011



Belleuropa Award Ceremony 2008

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