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November 2023
Press Release
With a ceremony held at the European Parliament and hosted by MEP Franc Bogovič, the award recognized a scalable model for pollinators’ habitat restoration and recreation, and a novel peptide bioinsecticide. Brussels, 29th November 2023 – Th...
June 2023
Position Paper
Ecosystems are the “lungs” and backbone of our rural territories and landowners are custodians of this rich environment. The European Landowners’ Organization supports the European Commission’s aspiration to improve the health and resilience...
February 2023
Position Paper
Climate change is impacting the European ecosystems to a degree we still not fully understand but important decisions have to be made today. We are aware that, in face of the multiple crises, there is the temptation to prioritize short-term gains at...
January 2020
Since 1989, a period of change unprecedented in eastern Europe since 1945 has combined with globalisation (to which the communist bloc had in large measure been the major obstacle) and a major shift in the economies of scale in farming. Not ...
January 2019
Heritage Houses for Europe is the first Pan-European Study on family-owned heritage houses. It is assessing their added value for Europe as well as identifying innovative business models. This Executive Summary outlines the results of this ke...

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