Transfarm Final Conference

29 May, 2024
Tradition, Innovation, and Digital Tools to Foster Rural Development

In line with the European Years of Skills and the European Commission’s recent focus on addressing labour and skill shortages, the event “Digital Tools to Foster Sustainable Rural Development” on May 29th, 2024 will provide a vital platform for discussing innovative approaches to rural development and combating depopulation. By integrating digital training tools into the agricultural sector, initiatives such as the TRANSFARM project underscore the importance of upskilling and reskilling for farmers and livestock breeders, as well as farm workers. 

Furthermore, the event will explore how these initiatives contribute to fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem in rural areas, promoting job creation, and ultimately stemming the tide of depopulation. By equipping rural residents with the necessary digital tools, Erasmus+ projects and other training pathways not only enhance the professionalisation of the agricultural sector but also pave the way for diversified income streams for farmers. Through recommendations emerging from this event, the EU can strengthen its commitment to rural development and address the pressing challenge of depopulation, ensuring a more sustainable and vibrant future for rural communities across Europe.

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