Crafting policy briefs and recommendations, orchestrating events on both human and large scales featuring top-tier speakers, communicating our tangible projects and actions, envisioning a flourishing countryside, and making it happen — all of these necessitate the foundation of a strong and capable team. At ELO, we stand committed and delighted to have represented our national members for over 50 years. Discover the individuals who constitute our dynamic team.

Teams Catégories

Thierry de l’Escaille, Secretary General – CEO of European Landowners’ Organization until 2023, is a multifaceted leader. Co-founder of RISE Foundation, Secretary General of Friends of the Countryside, Vice PDT and founder of Landelijk Vlaanderen, and more. With over 24 years on the board of Belgian Royal Forestry society, he co-founded the Forum for the Future for Agriculture and chairs the Wildlife Estate initiative. A lawyer, farmer, and forester, he champions regenerative agriculture and renaturalization projects for ecological balance.

Executive President

Jurgen Tack has been the Secretary General – CEO of the European Landowners’ Organization since June 2023. He previously held the role of Scientific Director at ELO and served as CEO of Landelijk Vlaanderen and CEO of the Aanspreekpunt Privaat Beheer Natuur en Bos in 2016. Additionally, he was President of the International Riverine Commission River Maas/Meuse, a member of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Nature Based Solutions, and chaired the board of directors of the Botanical Garden Meise. He earned his PhD in Sciences after studying biology (marine ecology) at Brussels Free University.

Secretary General

Pierre-Olivier Drège serves as the President of the European Landowners’ Organization and is also the President of the forest cooperative Nord Seine Forêt 2a (NSF2a). He previously held the position of Director General at the National Forestry Office (ONF) and is an alumnus of the École Polytechnique, with a background in rural engineering, water management, and forestry.

Chairman of ELO Policy Group

Delphine, a dedicated member of the ELO team for over 15 years, currently holds the position of Director of European Affairs. Her primary focus is on advocating for the crucial role of landowners in nature conservation, promoting sustainable management practices, and crafting solutions to tackle global biodiversity challenges. Delphine earned her degree in European law from the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, complemented by a master's in International Public Law from Sorbonne University in Paris.

delphine dupeux
Director of Parliament Relations Intergroup
+32 2 400 77 00

Anne made her entry into ELO in 2016, transitioning from the realm of institutional communications. Over the years, she has cultivated a genuine passion for the subjects and individuals central to ELO's network. Finding common ground, sharing a narrative between organizations is still at the heart of what she enjoys doing . In addition, she adeptly manages the operational and administrative aspects of ELO and its affiliated entities.

Business Development Director
+32 2 790 88 65

Emmanuelle, with her legal background and a Master of Arts from the College of Europe (Natolin), has been an invaluable member of ELO since 2005. She serves as ELO's advisor, specializing in property rights and holds the role of Editor-in-Chief of the "Countryside Magazine." As Deputy Director of the 'Forum for the Future of Agriculture,' she is a dedicated expert with international experience, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

emma photo
Director of Member States Affairs, ForumforAg Deputy Director General

Ana Rocha serves as our Director specializing in EU's Agri & Forestry-related policies. With a background in Agricultural Engineering, she brings over a decade of professional experience in EU lobbying, advocating for the interests of landowners and land managers. Despite her work and academic pursuits taking her to various European countries, including recent stays in Brussels and London, Ana maintains deep connections to the Portuguese countryside where her roots are firmly planted.

ana rocha
Director of EU's Agri & Forestry-Related Policies
+32 2 235 20 04

Daniel is a student in Project Management with a profound enthusiasm for agriculture, complemented by extensive academic immersion in Agribusiness in New Zealand. His professional experience includes contributing to Skoda Auto's External Affairs department, specifically on CSR projects. I believe that connecting project management approaches to agriculture through the use of modern technologies leads to a more sustainable and efficient future.

image001 (1)

Arlette is a project officer at ELO with an academic background in Political Science from VUB and an MSc in Conflict and Development Studies from Ugent. Born to Rwandan political refugees in Congo and raised in the Netherlands, Arlette possesses a multicultural upbringing that has profoundly shaped her worldview. Music and travel not only fuel her creativity but also drive her personal growth.

Project Officer

Elodie is the Coordinator of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture. Alongside her MSc in International Sustainability Management from ESCP, she draws upon her background in economics to facilitate dialogue among stakeholders in the food value chain regarding agricultural and sustainability issues. Additionally, Elodie holds the role of Project and Policy Officer at ELO, specializing in soil-related topics and overseeing the European Soil Award.

ForumforAg Coordinator, Project & Policy Officer
+32 2 234 30 07

Lindsey, a skilled EU Project Manager at ELO, adeptly oversees Horizon 2020, ERASMUS+, and Interreg projects, advancing ELO's mission. Her background in Biology, specialized in ecology and biodiversity, provides a strong academic foundation. Additionally, she owns HappieBean Organic Coffee Company, embodying her commitment to sustainability. Lindsey channels her passion as an environmental scientist in her spare time, deepening her dedication to environmental stewardship.

Project Officer
+32 2 486 75 85

Anna holds an M.Sc. in political science from the University of Ghent and has prior experience from internships with Belgium's permanent representation to the EU and the European Parliament. As a project and policy officer at ELO, she specializes in soil and carbon-related topics, actively participating in carbon farming projects and policies. Outside of work, Anna enjoys playing the piano.

Anna de boeck
Project & Policy Officer
+32 2 234 3000

Jehanne joined the European Landowners’ Organization and Friends of the Countryside in 2005 to spearhead the first European communication campaign on Natura 2000. Since then, she has been actively involved in all European countries, coordinating meetings, mobilizing networks, and organizing exclusive events and field visits to facilitate knowledge sharing among land managers. Jehanne has been part of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture from its inception.

Coordinator ELO / FCS / ForumforAg Brussels
+32 2 235 20 05

Dagmar, a mathematics graduate, initiated her career as a software analyst and project manager, overseeing the creation of a system for managing EU Structural Funds subsidy applications in the Czech Republic, which eventually led her to Brussels, where she also served in the European Parliament. Currently, her role within the ELO project team involves the coordination of multiple Erasmus+ projects.

Project Officer

At ELO, Adriana adeptly oversees the organization's administrative processes, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Her expertise bridges academia and practical management, making her a valuable asset to the team.

She is a dynamic professor of Modern Foreign Languages, with a specialization in Applied Linguistics and Social Semiotics. Hailing from Argentina, she has a rich background in teaching language courses and coordinating pedagogy.

Administrative Assistant
+32 2 234 3000

Martin, armed with an academic degree in sustainability science and a multicultural journey across three continents, takes care of the communication and dissemination for ELO's EU-funded projects. With a fervent commitment to science communication, he now channels his expertise into ELO's forestry initiatives. Beyond work, Martin's urban spirit thrives in Brussels, where he's a fixture at trendy cafes and a surprising enthusiast at the city's axe-throwing range.

Project Officer
+32 2 486 75 83

Adam's professional passions revolve around International and European environmental policy, with a keen emphasis on Biodiversity and Climate. His academic background spans International Relations, International Law, and European Studies, providing a solid foundation for his work. Beyond environmental concerns, Adam also delves into the broader realm of the EU's external relations, particularly within its neighborhood.

Policy Officer

Konstantin Kostopoulos has dedicated the majority of his career to advancing sustainability, with a particular focus on European territory. His role within the Wildlife Estates label is highly significant, and concurrently, he lends his expertise to ELO as a Senior Advisor. His unwavering commitment greatly benefits our organization.

Senior Adviser
+32 2 235 20 09

Sylwia became part of ELO in 2022 as the HR and Office Manager. With more than 18 years of experience in international and multicultural settings, she brings a wealth of expertise. A central focus of her work is seamlessly merging financial strategy, HR strategy, organizational values, and culture to align with business objectives. Sylwia's adaptable approach stems from her extensive experience in diverse multicultural environments.

HR & Office Manager

A forestry engineer with a master's degree in biodiversity management from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Jose María coordinates the Wildlife Estates label  managing more than 2 million hectares worldwide. The project ensures the conservation and improvement of biodiversity, guaranteeing compliance with the European regulations on which the project methodology is based.

Project & Policy Officer, Wildlife Estates Project
+32 2 235 20 06

Caroline has been a vibrant part of ELO since 2009, wearing two hats as the Programme Director for the Forum for the Future of Agriculture and Senior Project Manager. Her core responsibilities include guiding the Forum's thematic direction and harmonizing partner interests. Caroline draws inspiration from ELO members and their long-term vision. Her diverse work experience includes stints in Africa, India, and Asia. She holds an MSC in human sciences with a focus on history and political sciences.

Programme Director for the ForumforAg

After an international and diverse career in the United States, including with the US Department of Agriculture and managing a corporation, Daniel has transitioned to ELO, where he serves as the senior member of the ELO Project Team for nearly 5 years now. His achievements encompass coordinating multiple Erasmus+ projects, innovating with the creation of the digital app "eNatura2000," mentoring junior project officers, and consistently bringing smiles to everyone's faces.

Project Officer
+32 2 486 75 84

With a Master’s degree focused on Agro- and Ecosystem services and experience gained with development projects abroad, Anne-Sophie joined ELO as project coordinator in 2018. Her specialization lies in spearheading EU-funded projects centered on nature conservation on private lands and crafting tools to empower landowners in their conservation endeavors. She also proudly represents the network of individual landowners within the European Conservation Landowners’ Coalition (CLC).

Project Coordinator & Policy Officer
+32 2 790 88 61

Marie, who holds a Master's degree in European Affairs and Public Relations, now leads the communications efforts at ELO. She has been part of the ELO team since 2018 and has actively contributed to various projects, including Heritage Houses for Europe, Forum For Ag, LIFE ENPLC, EUKI, and SoilValues. Her primary aim is to amplify both ELO's and landowners' voices. Marie is enthusiastic about taking on new challenges and is a passionate Yoga enthusiast.

Marie Orban
Communication Manager
+32 2 400 77 04

With a Degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in European and International Affairs, Sergio has been living in Brussels since January 2022. Within ELO's projects team, he takes charge of communications and project management for ERASMUS+ projects STAY and TRANSFARM. He also provides support for the Horizon Europe projects PATHFINDER and Small4Good. Outside of work, his passions span geopolitics, history, literature, and, notably, he's an avid Eurovision enthusiast!

Project Officer

Pauline brings a wealth of expertise in forest politics and EU operations from her academic research roles. She joined ELO in 2021 and plays a pivotal role in managing the interactions between the Commission & the ELO members. Her policy acumen shines through in EU-funded forest-related projects like PathFinder. During her leisure time, she indulges in the multifaceted wonders of nature through gardening and exploring the Soignes forest with her horse.

Policy Officer
+32 473 36 44 95

Alain SCRIBAN currently serves as a special advisor to ELO. Prior to this role, he had a distinguished career, retiring as a senior official from the European Commission and having served earlier as an official at the Ministry of Agriculture in France. In France, he holds the title of "Ingénieur honoraire des Ponts, des Eaux et des Forêts." Alain is notably active in the "Agrilife" initiative.

Senior Adviser
+32 2 486 75 82

Marlene, with an international academic journey spanning Italy and Spain, ventured to Brussels for her second Master's Degree. As a valuable member of ELO since 2023, she strategically champions landowners' needs, with a particular focus on matters related to farmers' environments. By day, she shines as a Communication Officer, while her nights are filled with the sweet art of baking, the joys of reading, and the energy of kickboxing.

Communication Officer

Sophy joined the ELO office in 2016, where she serves as a dedicated Event Coordinator, meticulously planning, organizing, and executing events to ensure their success, from logistics to attendee experience, while also balancing her role with the Friends of the Countryside, the Young Friends of the Countryside, and the Welcoming Estates Website; with an international background, she is a proud mother of four and nurtures interests in Renaissance culture, biking, and the thrill of discovery.

Public Relations and Events Coordinator

Laura Țicoiu, as a Policy Officer at ELO, channels her efforts towards policies concerning Farm to Fork, Trade, and Innovation, with a mission to advance sustainable land management and rural development throughout Europe. Armed with a background in European policy, she has a keen interest in agricultural and environmental matters. Laura collaborates with a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, including policymakers, industry representatives, and civil society groups, to craft solutions for the pressing challenges faced within the agricultural sector.

laura ticoiu
Policy Officer
+ 40 786 943 585

Alec van Havre, one of the Project Officers at the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO), champions the synergy of science and rural expertise in conservation. He leads the charge in promoting best wildlife management practices via ELO's Wildlife Estates Label. Alec's visionary outlook emphasizes the vital connection between liberty and responsibility in integrated countryside management, fostering stewardship for a sustainable future.

Project Officer
+32 2 217 27 40