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The eNatura2000 app has now gone LIVE at the EUROPARC2020 Conference!  Thank you EUROPARC, Symantra, and all the other partners, and Natura2000 experts who helped make this app possible! Download it now on GooglePlay and the AppStore.

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๐Ÿ“œ You can access our D6.3 report and targeted policy briefs for NGOs, entrepreneurs, local-level policymakers, National and EU-level policymakers and forest owners and managers on our project website. 

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The Bruine Kriekpeer is the ‘Belgian Tree of the Year 2022’

With a remarkable 1565 votes, the Bruine Kriekpeer of Klerken won Belgian Baillet Latour Tree of the Year 2022, followed by the Zomereik of Lanaken with 1159 votes and the Moerascipres of Ename with 1118 votes. The story of the Bruine Kriekpeer is closely linked to the village in which it is located, Klerken. This West Flanders village used to host a perelaarommegang where pears were donated to visitors. Today, there is still a legacy of this custom, as there is a street named: perelaarommegang, after the procession of the same name. Some inhabitants of Klerken would like to revive the tradition and recently took the initiative to organize the procession again. The tree will now receive some €2500 for its care and revival, may bear the title "Belgian Tree of the Year" for one year, and will represent Belgium in the European Tree of the Year competition to be organized in 2023.



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The European Bee Award is launching the call for applications for 2022! The European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) and the European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association (CEMA) invite you to submit your project by Friday, September 23, 2022.

ELO is pleased to announce the publication of the study “Implications of the European Green Deal for agri-food trade with developing countries” by prof. Alan Matthews. The paper examines how European measures taken to implement greater coherence between agriculture, trade and Green Deal policies might impact on developing countries. While looking also at other multilateral, bilateral or unilateral trade policy measures, this study focuses mainly on mirror clauses.


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Click here to read the study on Small wildlife of fields and meadows in Europe that we produced in association with the François Sommer Foundation, OFB and AGPB

Available in French and English โฌ‡๏ธ

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Small wildlife

 Watch our new REFLOW project video : "The European Training Network on the Phosphorus Recovery for Fertilizers from Dairy Processing Waste"

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What is the InnoForESt project?

Carbon Connects - a project to reduce the carbon footprint of peatlands

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