European Bee Award

The European Bee Award call for applications is open! You’ll be able to submit your application until 6th September 2024.

This award was initiated in 2014 by the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) and the European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association (CEMA), to celebrate inventive, effective, and scalable projects safeguarding pollinators across Europe.

3 prizes are awarded:

  • Land Management practices (€ 4,000 prize)
  • Innovative technological solutions (€ 4,000 prize)
  • Special Mention of the Jury (diploma of recognition) 


Who can apply? 

The European Bee Award is open to everyone*.

We reward farmers, landowners, research institutes, academia, and private and public organisations who develop outstanding and innovative projects aiming to protect bees or other pollinators and helping to preserve biodiversity. 

Former applicants are very welcome to re-apply!

*Check the terms and conditions in the application form


6th September 2024



Previous winners

2023Land Management PracticesLIFE PollinACTIONLink
2023Innovative technological solutionsSPEAR® Bioinsecticide Link
2023Special MentionTOXIBEESLink
2023Special MentionVesp’ActionLink
2022Land Management PracticesVeitshöchheimer Hempmix by the Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture (LWG)Link
2022Innovative and Technological SolutionsIT Beekeeping by AmoHiveLink
2022Special MentionBirr Castle Bee Project by the Birr Castle EstateLink
2021Land Management PracticesCoup d’Pousse by Réseau Biodiversité
2021Innovative and Technological TolutionsConnected scales, by FDSEA Ilede-France (Departmental Federation of Farmers Unions in the region Ile-de-France)Link
2021Special Mention‘Smartomizer H3O protecting bees by reducing the pesticides use’, by Pulverizadores FedeLink
2020Land Management PracticesLet it Bee by Berry Dean, The National Federation of Group Water Schemes, Roscommon CountyLink
2020Innovative and Technological SolutionsStopVespa by Marco Porporato, Università degli Studi di Torino
2020Special MentionBybi by Oliver Maxwell, The Copenhagen City Bee Association
2019Land Management Practices‘Pro Planet apples’ from the Lake Constance FoundationLink
2019Innovative and Technological SolutionsBee Varroa Scanner from TurinLink
2018Land Management PracticesVivencia DehesaLink
2018Innovative and Technological Solutions“Sem ‘Obord” by Amélie Mandel
2018Special Mention“Beescanning”, represented by Mr. Bjorn Lagerman
2017Land Management PracticesSibelco Biodiversity Strategy and European species protection program Link
2017Innovative and Technological SolutionsDroplegUL device and application technique, developed by Lechler GmbH in partnership with the University of Hohenheim and Südwestdeutsche Saatzucht family farm
2017Special MentionMarek NOWAKOWSKI
2016Land Management Practices“B-lines – connecting the landscape for pollinators”, by Buglife
2016Innovative and Technological Solutions“Double knife” mowing technology by BB Umwelttechnik in Germany
2015 “Bee Deals” by the Centre for Agriculture and Environment (CLM)
2015“Czech Bumblebee” by Agricultural Research Ltd
2014“Flowering frames” by the Bavarian Farmers’ Association

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