GreenData4All: ELO submission to the call for evidence


The European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) has submitted its feedback to the GreenData4All initiative, highlighting concerns and recommendations to safeguard data and property rights of landowners and farmers. Recognizing the importance of environmental data for sustainable development, ELO emphasizes the need for clarity and fairness in data ownership and sharing practices.

Key points raised by ELO include:

  • Data Rights: ELO stresses the importance of clarifying data ownership and ensuring landowners retain sovereignty over data generated on their land. Clear guidelines and fair compensation mechanisms for data sharing are essential.
  • Property Rights: GreenData4All should respect property rights by obtaining informed consent from landowners before collecting data on their property and avoiding compulsory data sharing without adequate compensation.
  • Impact on Landowners: ELO expresses concerns over potential administrative burdens and costs for landowners and farmers in complying with data sharing requirements.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The initiative should establish transparent processes for data collection, sharing, and use, with mechanisms for accountability to address misuse or unauthorized access to data.

For further details, refer to the attached PDF of ELO’s submission.

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