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FarmElder Final Conference

6 June, 2024
Cultivating Community: Social Farming's Role in Ageing Well

As Europe’s agricultural landscape evolves, so too must our approach to sustainability. While economic and environmental considerations are paramount, it’s equally crucial to address the social dimensions of sustainability, particularly in the context of an ageing population. The Final Conference of the FARMELDER project, titled “Cultivating Community: Social Farming’s Role in Ageing Well” aims to shed light on the often-overlooked social pillar of farm sustainability.

At the heart of this conference lies the innovative fusion of social farming and elderly care. Social farming offers a unique avenue for leveraging agricultural resources to address social needs in rural areas. The FARMELDER project builds upon this foundation, recognising the potential for social farming to cater to the diverse needs of elderly individuals across Europe.

Our event will serve as a platform to contextualise the FARMELDER project within the broader policy landscape of the European Union. Against the backdrop of the EU’s Green Paper on Ageing, which emphasizes solidarity and responsibility between generations, we will explore how social farming can offer holistic solutions to the challenges faced by elderly populations. Moreover, we recognize the crucial role of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in supporting rural development. The CAP targets various objectives, including promoting social inclusion, poverty reduction, and economic development in rural areas. By aligning with the objectives of the CAP, initiatives like social farming within the FARMELDER project contribute to building stronger, more resilient rural communities, where elderly individuals are valued participants in the socio-economic fabric.

Through engaging presentations and networking opportunities, the conference will provide a comprehensive exploration of the intersections between agriculture, social care, and sustainability. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, we aim to lay the groundwork for a more inclusive and resilient future, where elderly individuals are valued members of vibrant farm communities.

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