Taxation of Agricultural Land in Europe: A comparative Approach


Authors: Guillaume Sainteny (CS FRB), Louise Dupuis (FRB)

Taxation of agricultural land wields considerable influence, not only on the intrinsic value of the land but also on agricultural practices, land use, urban planning, and environmental policies. Moreover, in the context of strategies for biodiversity conservation, the structure and implementation of agricultural land taxation can significantly sway preferences towards specific conservation options. Recognizing the multifaceted impact of these tax measures, the French Foundation for Biodiversity Research (Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité (FRB)) has conducted a comparative analysis of the taxation of agricultural land across Europe.

We are pleased to fulfill the request of FRB by sharing this qualitative document with our network. We invite you to explore the nuances of agricultural land taxation in Europe, as unveiled in this research.

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