Women in Agriculture 2023

We want to celebrate women's contribution to agriculture and the food value chain this month of March! Agriculture is still a sector where women's representation lags behind, yet numerous studies have shown they would be a key accelerator of the green transition. Aiming to answer this unbalance, an increasing number of platforms are dedicated to promoting initiatives, ranging from collaboration networks (e.g. Women in Food and Agriculture, USDA Women Network) or through awards (e.g. Empowering Women in Agrifood (EWA)).

We at ELO would like to bring our small contribution to support and amplify the voice of women in agriculture. As a co-founder of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture, we are proud to announce the launch of the Women for the Future of Agriculture, an initiative built to gather leading examples of women engaged in sustainable agriculture practices and local action to build resilient food systems.  

This month of March, ELO will publish a daily portrait of a woman, highlighting their significant contribution to the agricultural sector.

Join us in celebrating a month where every day is a woman’s day!


Women in Ag Last Image 1000





31 Felicitas von Carlowitz small 2


30 Mildred Nakagwe small 2

30 Simone Schmiedtbauer small



29 Mellany Klompe small 

28 Emily Rees small

27 Stephanie Gicot small 1000 

23 Aline Coulon small 4

22 Norma Hoagland small


16 Susanne Schulze Bockeloh small 2


21 Pauline Pirlot Policy Officer

15 Judith Deblon small


13 Dr. Rathana Peou Norbert Munns small


12 Gizem Eras small


12 Confirmed Tiffanie Stephanie small


10 Sabine von Wirén Lehr small 2


Shari Rogge Fidler Maxime small


6 Marilda DHASKAL small


Tweet Jane Goodall 2


5 Ioanna Moumtzidou small


4 Eva Weijber good small


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