Starting: April 1, 2018
Ending: April 30, 2021

Taking a competence-based approach, LIFEedu focused on capacity building for Natura 2000 managers and enabled peers to connect and learn about what managers need to know and be able to do. The project analysed training needs and created new tools and approaches to access information and learning about the skills required for effective Natura 2000 management and policy implementation.

The main objectives were:

  • To demonstrate the need for and value of competence-based learning opportunities for Natura 2000 professionals through innovative learning methods and formats.
  • To have developed and tested new tools for online learning that would improve and increase capacity-building opportunities.
  • To have created momentum for and demonstrated the value of a larger-scale follow-up project.

The project was developed in response to the European Union’s Action Plan for Nature, People and Economy. The Action Plan was adopted following a thorough evaluation of the Birds and Habitats Directives, the so-called ‘Fitness Check’. The evaluation demonstrated that there was and continues to be an urgent need to pick up the pace of Natura 2000 implementation by improving the quality of management practices and the effectiveness of nature conservation objectives and measures.

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