The European Networks for Private Land Conservation


Climate warming and the increasing loss of biodiversity constitute an existential threat to private land. The core objective of this project is to develop an EU-wide network of private land conservation practitioners leveraging innovative private land conservation tools to mitigate the damage and preserve the land’s value for the next generations.

To establish that sustainably the Conservation Landowners Coalition (CLC), a union between landowners and conservationists, was founded. The project is focusing on the most promising private landowner conservation tools (PLC tools), emphasising conservation easements. We test and support their wider uptake, engage in the reform of supportive fiscal and other systems incentivising PLC, continue the development of PLC standards and practices, and help with the development of organisations and their networks dealing with PLC (following the US “land trust” model). We are working with volunteers and citizen scientists on voluntary private land conservation.
For communication purposes, PLC Ambassadors who showcase concrete actions, issues and solutions will be nominated, reaching out to relevant administrations, to better involve national/regional authorities in developing private land conservation initiatives in their jurisdiction.









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Private Land Conservation
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