Agroforestry: Landscape Features in the new CAP


EURAF and ELO have collated the selection of Landscape Features made by Member States in their Strategic Plans for 2023-2027.  All MS except FI and SE implement at least one of the options for hedges, trees in groups, trees in line, isolated trees and Forest margins, but the rules for tree crown size and block size differ considerably, and are often not clearly specified. 

Agroforestry was one of the Ecological Focus Area options in the previous CAP, although little used by MS.  If it is to make a significant contribution to the rural economy and to GHG sequestration before 2030 then greater clarity is needed for farmers that existing managed and pruned lines of trees in silvoarable or pastoral systems will not detract from basic payments (BISS) in the new CAP, and that new agroforestry plantations, made with Pillar I or Pillar II assistance will qualify for continuing BISS payments. EURAF stresses that national IACS/LPIS databases are most appropriate for estimation of the area of Landscape Features, and looks for clarity from MS on the size and density of small tree-blocks which are permitted on farms, without changing their designation from “agricultural” to “forest” land.

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