Press Release Bee Award 2022



The European Bee Award has been acknowledging innovative, efficient, and scalable projects that protect pollinators in Europe since it was established in 2014 by the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) and the European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association (CEMA).

ELO and CEMA were delighted to award this year’s prizes last night to the winners:

  • Category ‘Land management practices’: the winner is Veitshöchheimer Hempmix (‘Veitshöchheimer Hanfmix’) by the Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture (LWG). LWG designed a wildflower mixture of 30 predominantly native wild and cultivated annual, biennial and perennial flowering plants that deliver diverse floral resources, as well as biomass that can be used for the production of biogas. This creates an agricultural cultivation system that combines productivity and biodiversity.
  • Category ‘Innovative and technological solutions’: the winner is IT Beekeeping by AmoHive. Amohive created a small 3D model of a hive that monitors hive activity (through an electronic scale, temperature sensors, GPS and a solar panel that powers the electronics) and sends information to a server. An algorithm processes the data and decides in which mode the hives should continue to work. The data can be followed in real time in an app and is already used in Poland, Ukraine and Canada.

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