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ELO's General Considerations on Modernising the CAP

Press Release: Global and European challenges demand fully funded CAP: Global and European challenges demand fully funded CAP

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

After almost two years of negotiations a political agreement on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has been reached on 26 June 2013. Since then, the European Commission adopted several packages of delegated (DA) and implementing acts (IA) for the fully implementation of the reformed CAP from January 2015.

During this year Members States struggled to im - plement the new rules, which provide a higher degree of flexibility for national governments to adapt those rules to their realities. These rules are considered more complex than in the previous re - form, not only due to the introduction of greening measures and a higher degree of flexibility, exacer - bated by the negotiation process. Therefore, is not surprising that, since accepting to assume the position of Commissioner for Agricul - ture, Phil HOGAN has been focusing on CAP sim - plification. Among the five policy areas identified, the new greening rules are seen to lead to many of the technical problems and impractical demands. In 2016, the ELO expects to see the results of the twelve-week public consultation on the greening measures and the subsequent proposals to be pre - sented. A package of changes to DA an IA is expect - ed before the summer 2016 and changes should become applicable as of claim year 2017. While Brussels is still in the aftermath of a long, complicated and controversial CAP reform, the dis - cussions will start over the mid-term review of the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) and that of the CAP budget. The ELO established, as part of the ELO’s Policy Group (EPG), a Working Group to develop our vision for the European agriculture and the required features of the next CAP. Its first meet - ing took place in February 2015 and our thinking is expected to take form during 2016 in order to feed the discussions before the Commission presents its proposal in 2018.

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