Climate Change

Rethinking arable farming in a changing climate

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As we look towards the future, it is clear that growing arable crops in a changing climate will be a dire challenge. However, it is also a challenge to which we can rise by reducing our impact and adapting to the new realities of our environment. That is why this May the 4th we invite you to join us for an exciting and inspiring event on the agronomy of climate smart farming to deliver on the EU Green Deal.

The event will take place from 14:00 till 18:30 in hybrid form in The Hotel in Brussels. Featuring a scientific keynote, briefings on the state of play, a panel discussion, a closing high-level dialogue, and a networking cocktail, this event promises to be informative, inspiring, and thought-provoking.

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Organised by the European Landowners Organization, together with Bayer, Yara, and Netafim. We cannot wait to see you there!


Featuring a keynote address from leading agronomists in Europe, this event will explore the state of play in irrigation, fertilisation, and integrated pest management, providing you with the latest insights and innovations that are shaping the future of agriculture. We will look into the productivity of arable crops in Europe, exploring how we can mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change while also addressing other social, environmental, and economic sustainability objectives.

We will highlight the value of available integrated solutions that bring together different tools and practices to increase the climate and sustainability performance of farmers integrated crop management (ICM) systems.

We will also recognise the importance of inclusivity to all farmers through ICM-system neutrality, appreciating diversity in systems such as organic, conventional, regenerative, conservation, and agro-ecological. Polarising frames such as small versus large scale, local versus global, intensive versus extensive, traditional versus innovation, and chemical versus biological can be limiting, therefore we need to recognise that openness towards all available tools and practices is crucial to building a sustainable future for arable farming. At the event, we will also look at the role of policy making in reaching the EU Green Deal objectives by creating clarity and certainty for all stakeholders involved.

We will discuss how sustainability can be measured in the field, creating transparency on the performance of arable farming as a foundation for outcome-based decision-making. We invite all stakeholders active in the debate on European farming and food chains to join us for this open dialogue and networking event. Together, we can build a sustainable future for arable farming that delivers on the EU Green Deal.


Climate Mitigation Policies for Europe: The Net Zero Target and the Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use Sector

Policy Proposals from the European Landowners’ Organization for UNFCCC COP25 at Madrid, Spain, December 2019.

Climate Change and Forest Fires in Europe

 Climate Change

Final Programme / Joint Statement
Moderated by

โ– โ– Inazio Martínez de Arano, Head of EFI-MED office

Opening by Nuno Melo

โ–  Climate change, forest fire and GHG emissions: current situation
Jesús San-Miguel-Ayanz, Senior Scientist, JRC
โ–  Expert views from a Southern perspective
João Soveral, Portuguese Farmers Confederation, Portugal
โ–  Q&A

Panel 1 • Climate change and forest fire risks
โ–  EU Actions to fight Climate Change in the context of forest fires
Artur Runge-Metzger, Director DG CLIMA
โ–  Forest at higher risk of forest fires
Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director DG ENV
โ–  Bee2FireDetection
Pedro Vieira, Compta Emerging Business (CEB)
โ–  Expert views from a Northern perspective
Marie Wickberg, Mellanskog Family Forest Association, Sweden
โ–  Q&A

Panel 2 • Sustainable Forest Management, forest fire prevention and
โ–  Research & Innovation for firesmart policies and management in the EU
John Bell, Director DG RTD
โ–  The role of the CAP and the EU Forest Strategy
Pierre Bascou, Director DG AGRI
โ–  Policy actions and instruments to support forest fire prevention and
Johannes Luchner, Director DG ECHO
โ–  Expert views from a Eastern perspective
Damian Zielinski, Directorate General State Forests, Poland
โ–  Q&A

Closing by MEP Andrzej Grzyb


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Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use: The net zero emissions target.
Policy Proposals from the European Landowners Organisation for UNFCCC COP24 at Katowice, Poland, December 2018.



Joint statement COP24: forests and the forest sector should play an active role in climate change mitigation and adaptation.


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